Canada’s mounting embarrassment at the Copenhagen climate summit

Feature story - December 8, 2009
For the third consecutive day, Canada was awarded a Fossil of the Day at the United Nations climate change summit in Copenhagen (Dec. 7 to 18). Few other countries have ever earned this embarrassing distinction.

Jon Lowenstein/NOOR

Canada earned today's award from a network of 400 leading international non-governmental organizations, including Greenpeac,e for the opposition by its negotiators to measuring emissions reductions targets in relation to the internationally accepted base year of 1990. Read the full news release.

"The Harper government is more concerned with public relations than protecting Canadians from climate change - a 20 per cent reduction from 2006 levels sounds a lot better than a three per cent reduction from 1990 levels."-Dave Martin, Greenpeace Canada Climate and Energy Campaigner in Copenhagen. Read Dave's blog.

A key reason for Canada's failure on climate change is the support by the Harper government for the climate crimes of the tar sands. Greenpeace has launched a huge photo exhibition in its Climate Rescue Station in Copenhagen with images from nine award winning photographers from the NOOR photo agency.

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Other Copenhagen information

A report released Tuesday by the World Meteorological Organization says that 2009 could be one of the five warmest years ever and this decade will be the warmest since the start of keeping weather records in 1850.

People are already suffering because of climate change. The human tragedy will get worse if world leaders don't act in Copenhagen. A report by the Global Humanitarian forum says "every year climate change leaves over 300,000 people dead, 325 million people seriously affected, and economic losses of US$125 billion."

Canadians could lead the world on Global Day of Climate Action on Saturday Dec. 12 with hundreds of rallies across the country About 1,000 events are planned in 92 countries. The message is: The World wants a real deal in Copenhagen. Find an event at:

Canadians want action on climate change. A new poll from Harris-Decima shows that 84 per cent of Canadians think the Harper government is failing on climate change.

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