Greenpeace demands action on the climate from Canada’s Premiers in Regina

Feature story - August 5, 2009
Regina—Greenpeace is at the annual Council of the Federation meeting in Regina of premiers and territorial leaders to send a strong message that now is the time for real action from Canada’s leaders to stop global warming.

Activists protesting for change in climate leadership

Greenpeace activists held a "die in" at the meeting to highlight the need for climate leadership in Canada. Their banner read: "Dying for climate leadership."

Greenpeace was part of a coalition of leading Canadian organizations that called on the premiers to agree to more ambitious climate change action and targets for Canada. The group, which held its news conference across the street from the premiers meetings, included environmental, social, human rights, women's rights, and religious groups.

Early this morning, Greenpeace tethered a hot air balloon across the river from the Regina Legislature with two huge banners reading:

  • "Rescue the Climate"
  • "Stop Global Warming."

A series of activities from rallies to teach ins to film screenings will be held during the conference to keep a focus on global warming and climate change.