Greenpeace releases marketplace review of major customers of forest products

Feature story - December 14, 2010
Greenpeace today released its 2010 Boreal Marketplace review of the performance of 23 major forest-products customers on their commitments and concrete actions to protect the Boreal Forest and the endangered woodland caribou.

Well-known companies that purchase forest products that are in the “true leaders” list in the Boreal marketplace review are: Axel Springer, Cascades, Indigo Books, Kimberly-Clark, Office Depot and RONA. Companies that are in the “failing our forests” category are: Best Buy, Harlequin, Home Depot, Sears and Toys R Us.

“The true leaders such as Kimberly-Clark, RONA and Office Depot, have responded to the ecological crisis in the Boreal Forest and are following up on their commitments to make a change,” said Melissa Filion, Greenpeace forest campaigner. “They have taken concrete steps to reduce their forest footprint and to influence their forest-products suppliers to improve their forestry practices.”

Corporate customers can make an important difference in determining how forests are managed. Their actions have led to a major increase in the extent of forests certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the suspension of logging in some wilderness areas and the adoption of environmentally sustainable solutions and procurement policies to protect the Boreal Forest and woodland caribou. They have also lobbied governments to protect species at risk such as the iconic woodland caribou.

The review also highlights laggard companies that are greenwashing their operations and that continue to ignore environmental organizations and refuse to work with them to improve their protection of the Boreal Forest.

“The Greenpeace review puts a spotlight on those companies refusing to discuss solutions towards the conservation of the Boreal Forest,” said Filion. “We are asking their executives to stop failing Canada’s Boreal Forest and we believe that individual consumers can do their part this Christmas by communicating directly to those companies, urging them to do better."

The review lists 23 companies in four performance categories. The eight criteria that were used to evaluate the performance of these customers are:

  • Action on protecting endangered forests
  • Recycling, recycled content and reduction
  • Preference and targets for the uptake of FSC fibre
  • Leadership and advocacy on conservation issues and Boreal Forest protection
  • Labeling and marketing of green products
  • Supplier engagement
  • Communication with conservation organizations
  • “Greenwashing”

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