Short film : Crees and Greenpeace urge minister to save ancestral Broadback Valley Forest

Feature story - October 27, 2011
« What is South of our land has been entirely clearcut or fragmented. The Broadback Valley is all that we have left and we need to protect it immediately» Paul Gull, Chief of Waswanipi Cree Nation during the launch of the film in Quebec city yesterday

In the new film « Broadback : A Valley to Protect », Cree elders, hunting leaders and the Chief of Waswanipi Cree Nation give poignant testimonies of the large scale impacts of logging operations on their land and the threats it poses to the « Cree way of life ». They call for the protection of their ancestral land, one of the last large intact forests in Québec, the Broadback Valley Forest.

What is described by Cree elders as the ultimate refuge for threatened wildlife, like the woodland caribou, is at the heart of Greenpeace’s campaign to save the last large intact landscapes in the Canadian Boreal Forest.

Both the Crees and Greenpeace urge Environment Minister Pierre Arcand to save the Broadback before it is too late.

« Mr Arcand has to come and see the beauty of our land » Don Saganash Sr, Waswanipi Cree Nation hunting leader

« If the Minister sees how important it is for the Crees to protect this land, then he will use his power to save the Broadback » Joseph Neeposh, elder from Waswanipi Cree Nation

In April 2011, a Greenpeace team from Europe came to witness the threats to the Broadback Valley from the air. Meanwhile, activists and the Waswanipi Cree Nation wrote a gigantic message in English and Cree, in the last clearcut at the frontier with the Broadback Valley Forest. Logging has gone too far, it is time to stop!

« It is time for Minister Arcand to use his leadership to protect the Broadback Valley Forest. Greenpeace supports the claims from the Crees and asks that a large protected area of at least 10 000km² be created to save this forest of huge importance for the Cree Nation, for Canada and for the whole planet. » Nicolas Mainville, Greenpeace forest campaigner during the launch of the film in Quebec city.

Crees and Greenpeace erect a blockade

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