Greenpeace strikes again: Activists occupy Shell upgrader expansion site in Fort Saskatchewan

Last update: October 3rd

Feature story - October 2, 2009
Nineteen Greenpeace activists have struck again. This time they have scaled three stacks at Shell’s operation in Fort Saskatchewan to expose more of the climate crimes of the tar sands and send a Climate SOS to the world.

Greenpeace expost the climate crime of the tar sands.

Activists from Canada, France, Brazil and Australia scaled the chimneys at an under-construction upgrader to stop more destruction before it can start. Two activists have been detained.

"Greenpeace is occupying this site in the heart of what many affected land owners call 'cancer alley' to continue exposing the climate crimes associated with producing dirty, dangerous and destructive tar sands oil. We are sending out a global climate SOS because we need help, we need climate leaders willing to forge a new green path for our planet not more dirty oil politicians ready to sacrifice our future." - Melina Laboucan-Massimo, Greenpeace climate and energy campaigner from outside the Shell plant.

"The tar sands represent the bleak future that awaits the world if we refuse to listen to science and fail to make significant commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions. It's time for world leaders to stop gambling with people's lives. It's time to stop the tar sands." - Mike Hudema, Greenpeace climate and energy campaigner