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Help us laugh Harper’s tar sands ads off the air

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There is no throne so high that it cannot be shaken by laughter from beneath.

The Harper government is spending $16 million of our money on a greenwashing ad campaign to paint the tar sands as environmentally friendly.

What this ad campaign doesn’t tell you is how the Harper government gutted Canada’s environmental laws in order to fast-track new tar sands mines and pipelines as part of the omnibus budget bills. And it certainly doesn’t tell you that tar sands development has made Canada one of the world’s biggest polluters and contributors to climate change.

We think this is ripe for some old-fashioned Canadian satire, so we’ve created our own ad campaign. And while we will never be able to match the government and oil industry ad budgets, with your help we can use humour to turn their own ad budgets against them.

If enough people see our ads, the tar sands’ spin doctors will realize that the more of our tax money that they spend on public relations to sell the tar sands as environmentally friendly, the more ridiculous they are making themselves look. Our goal is that they will cancel their ads faster than you can say, “oil spills create jobs.”

Please chip in to help us run our ad on multiple prime time TV shows.


And sign the petition to have the ad budget spent on real climate solutions like renewable energy.

Let’s laugh Harper’s tar sands ads right off the air.

Watch all three videos on Youtube:

Tar Sands Greenwash: Buying Ads is Easy

Tar Sands Greenwash: Good News, Bad News

Tar Sands Greenwash: Greenwash 2.0