Volunteers are at the heart of Greenpeace. We are always looking for passionate people who can help! As you know, there is a lot of work to be done, and we can’t do it alone. We offer many unique opportunities from participating in high-profile actions to discussing environmental issues with the public at festivals, conferences and other tabling events.

Your first step in becoming a volunteer is signing up for our Volunteer Newsletter. You will be sent regular updates and you will be notified of important volunteer orientation and planning meetings, as well as when we are looking for people to participate in specific activities. We may ask you to attend an event with us, paint a banner, help us in the office, or assist us in organizing an activity!

We have regular volunteer opportunities near our regional offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal. So if you live in one of these cities, your second step is to attend one of our orientations meetings and get active!

If you don’t live in one of these cities, we also take action in different parts of the country and need your help remotely. We promise to keep you informed on how you can help out from home; however these opportunities are not as frequent. If you are really eager, it’s best to sign up as a Cyberactivist and help support our campaigns through online actions and activity. If possible, you can also join one of our semi-autonomous Local Groups near you and connect with other Greenpeace volunteers in your local area.   

Also - Feel free to view our:


Thank you for your support and interest! Looking forward to working with you!

The latest updates


Ontario Earth Defenders: Activist Training, Skillshare & Retreat

Blog entry by atzaras | September 18, 2013

Join Greenpeace on September 27-29th 2013, for our third annual Earth Defenders Training and Skillshare! Volunteers and community organizers in Ontario are invited to learn the basics on campaign strategy, civil disobedience...

Volunteer on the Rainbow Warrior! October 8-20, 2013

Blog entry by atzaras | September 16, 2013

Greenpeace’s fabled ship is coming home to B.C where the organization began! Public tours and special events onboard the new Rainbow Warrior, one of the most environmentally friendly ships ever made, will include an opportunity to meet...

It’s time to Ride! Hop on your bike to make change for the Arctic on Sept 15th

Blog entry by Amanda Gomm, Volunteer Organizer | September 10, 2013

A global movement is emerging to help save the Arctic and nearly four million citizens from around the world have signed up to show they want to protect this region from risky development . Encouraged by this outcry of support, on...

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