Enhance your environmental education program with in-school presentations from Greenpeace. We’re one of the world’s leading environmental organizations.

We’re here to help educate your students about critical topics; such as climate change and Canada’s role in it, the Canadian arctic and Canada’s oil sands. Our presentations are interactive, thought provoking, a great supplement to your existing programs and of course, they are free of charge.

Our Greenspeakers are a dedicated group of volunteers who will come to your school for a presentation. We have existing presentations ready to go. Or, we can work with you to develop specific content for your program.

To have a presentation at your school, submit a Greenspeakers request here.

If you would like to volunteer and become a Greenspeaker yourself, click here.

Frequently asked questions;

  • Is the presentation given by Greenpeace? Yes, trained Greenpeace volunteers do the presentation.
  • How long is the presentation? We are flexible, but suggest one hour.
  • How much student involvement is there? Lots…the presentations are structured to have plenty of student involvement…it becomes a discussion.
  • What topics do you cover? We have presentations ready to go on the Canadian arctic, climate change and Canada’s role in it, and the Canadian oil sands. We can create custom material as well. Our presentations discuss the issues involved in each topic, and Greenpeace’s role in influencing these topics.
  • What do you need from us? Fill out our presentation form on-line and we will take it from there.