Stand for forests because the forest can’t defend itself...

Greenpeace campaigners Richard Brooks and Shane Moffatt revealed devastating logging practices in the Boreal Forest by Canada’s largest forestry company, Resolute Forest Products.

Representing more than half of Canada’s landmass, the Boreal Forest sustains countless plants and animals and plays a critical role in mitigating global climate change. Unfortunately, Resolute is operating in First Nations’ traditional territory without consent in the Montagnes Blanches “Endangered Forest” in Quebec, and using trees from the habitat of threatened woodland caribou herds in Ontario and Quebec.

Now, in an apparent effort to silence criticism, Resolute is suing Richard, Shane and Greenpeace for $7 million. Stand with us to show Resolute they cannot intimidate and silence our campaigners with lawsuits.

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Canada’s biggest forestry company needs to know: thousands of us #StandForForests.

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