Stop destroying "Endangered Forests"

Resolute Forest Products (formerly AbitibiBowater), one of the largest logging companies in Canada, manages some of the most ecologically valuable and vulnerable areas left in the Boreal Forest. Unfortunately, their logging operations threaten these areas with destruction.

The company is extending logging roads and clearcuts into previously intact wilderness areas, threatening the survival of caribou herds and encroaching on critical habitat for other endangered species like the wolverine.

The future of the Broadback Valley and the Montagnes Blanches “Endangered Forests” in Quebec and the Trout Lake-Caribou Forest in Ontario hang in the balance.

Greenpeace has attempted to work collaboratively with Resolute to complete conservation and protected areas planning in order to preserve these "Endangered Forests," protect the woodland caribou and achieve business certainty. Resolute has refused to do what’s needed.

Now we need your help.

Ask Resolute CEO Richard Garneau to stop logging immediately in "Endangered Forests" areas and commit to conserving them instead.


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