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Dragging the life out of the deep-sea

Rapport/dokument | 1. december, 2005 kl. 0:00

Pirate high seas bottom trawlers are destroying deep-sea life.

Brev til miljøministeren vedrørende EU rådsmøde 2/12 2005

Rapport/dokument | 30. november, 2005 kl. 0:00

The recent authorisations of certain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) by the European Commission have stirred intense controversy across Europe and are seen as a blatant example of the EU democratic deficit. On 2 December you will have the...

Cold Robbery: Spanish vessels stealing fish in the Barents Sea

Rapport/dokument | 18. november, 2005 kl. 0:00

Whale sanctuary under siege

Rapport/dokument | 18. november, 2005 kl. 0:00

Established in 1994, the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is under siege like never before. This year nearly one thousand whales can expect to find no quarter or refuge in the protected waters around the Antarctic. They will be hunted down and...

Industrial Whaling Factsheet

Rapport/dokument | 18. november, 2005 kl. 0:00

Call me Ishmael...! Whaling folklore speaks of tradition, of the noble hunt, of man pitting his wits against the ferocious sea and against mighty intelligent leviathans. But the history of whaling is far from glamorous, far from something to...

Tradition, culture & science

Rapport/dokument | 18. november, 2005 kl. 0:00

In recent years, Japan’s pro-whaling lobbyists have deployed a series of excuses for continuing the hunt, despite the existence since 1986 of a global commercial whaling moratorium. First comes science: to gather much needed data, they claim, in...

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