[Because of YOU!] With you behind us, we make remarkable achievements throughout the year!

Greenpeace East Asia makes brilliant achievements this year because of your fully support! Time to review some together!

Create a Toxic-free Life


Compiling Knowledge for a Safer Future

We compiled the research of several scientists and medical specialists to understand better how these chemicals can affect our reproductive health and children’s’ growth.

UN Talks Environmental Hormones

Last September, we were invited to attend a UN conference on managing chemicals, where we gave a speech in Chinese on environmental hormones. We used our research on household dust to push for the conference to include environmental hormones as a new policy issue and to tighten regulations. We handed out copies of our latest reports on hazardous chemicals to the Chinese delegation and discussed with them in more detail our findings and suggestions.

Taiwan Toxics Campaign is Up and Running

We launched our toxics campaign in Taiwan last June. We looked into the hazardous chemicals in children’s and household objects, and revealed that 60% of the items we tested contained environmental hormones or other toxic chemicals. Among them there was a children’s raincoat that contained levels of phthalate 196 times above the standard. 

Sneak Preview of our 2013 Toxics Successes

This year we have already made amazing progress. Our Detox Fashion campaign is still running strong. By the end of April, we had pushed 17 major brands to commit to clean production. Also this February, we hailed China’s commitment to clean up chemical pollution with a breakthrough chemical management plan that acknowledges for the first time the existence of ‘cancer villages’ and will blacklist 58 chemicals and have an elimination chemical list by 2015.


Improve Food Safety


The Great Story of GE Rice in China Scientists Use Children as Guinea Pigs for Golden Rice

Loving Lychees

We travelled to several lychee producing regions in Guangdong province and collected six samples. All of them showed traces of pesticide residues, which is banned the world over. We gave our testing results and suggestions for making changes to the Guangdong government.

The Great Story of GE Rice in China

We finally pushed China to become the first country in the world to propose a law prohibiting the commercialization of GE staple grains! The State Council released a draft proposal of a grain law that set up legislation restricting the research field trials, production, sale, import and export of GE seed.

Scientists use children as guinea pigs for Golden Rice

We exposed how a group of US scientists from Tufts University had experimented on a group of 24 schoolchildren by feeding them Golden GE Rice. We queried the government and they launched an inquiry that ended up in the local authorities issuing an apology.


Save the Climate


Never Forget Fukushima Lessons From Fukushima Clean Our Cloud We Want Clean Air Look to the Rooftops for Solar

Never Forget Fukushima

In Hong Kong we held an art exhibition: Shadowlands - Fukushima Anniversary Exhibition showcasing work by Hong Kong and Japanese artists. The images depicted the helplessness of families in the wake of the nuclear disaster.

Say No to Hong Kong Nuclear Power

Our report, Lesson from Fukushima, pointed out that the Government failed to improve the ‘Daya Bay Contingency Plan’. We followed this with a string of actions including protested the government’s nuclear plant drill at Tung Ping Chau. We successfully pushed the government to suspend its plan to increase nuclear power to 50% of the energy mix, and sparked a discussion on how Hong Kong’s power industry can be made safe and clean.

Clean Our Cloud

Last April we launched our Clean Our Cloud campaign in Hong Kong and across the globe. In just one month we activated 200,000 people to email Apple and demand that to change their data centers to renewable energy. Apple agreed to go zero carbon.

We Want Clean Air

After several years of Greenpeace campaigning, last year the Hong Kong government finally announced it would update the air quality index and add PM2.5 to the index. We called on these stricter standards as soon as possible and to take effective measures to improve our air quality.

Look to the rooftops for solar

Last summer we made our own experiment by installing solar energy panels on the roof of a warehouse in the outskirts of Beijing. We applied and were approved to have our solar grid connected to the main grid. We showed how easy it is for small businesses to go solar.

Blow Away Doubts About Wind Power

Last year was the eighth year that Greenpeace worked with wind energy specialists to push for the development of the wind industry in China. In our latest report we pointed out that China continued to be the world’s leader in installed wind power capacity in 2011.

Participating Doha Climate Talks

Last year’s UN climate conference was held in Doha. Our campaign manager, Li Yan made a speech at a side event calling for an end to the Coal Age. We will continue to push all country to reduce emissions and to head towards a renewable energy future.

2013 Climate Saving Year

We will be closely monitoring the mid-term review of the Scheme of Control Agreement and push for a reform of the electricity market. On the mainland, we will drive home the link between coal use and threats to people’s health and push for improvement on PM2.5 monitoring in the eastern regions.