[Thank You]

Thank You!

Campaign Manager Gloria Chang (Hong Kong Office)

Thank you once again for everyone’s support! As we face increasingly severe threats to our planet, whether it is the destruction of the poles, the disappearing forests, the pillage of the oceans, the hidden threat from nuclear power, poisonous air, water and food, they all need even greater effort from us, so we can turn these crises into opportunities.

We have already worked out solutions for all these issues, and are working hard at pushing polluters to change. I hope that everyone will continue to fight with us, side by side, so together we can make positive change.

Campaign Manager - Gloria Chang (Hong Kong Office)



Digital Fundraising Specialist Carson Luk (Hong Kong Office)

Thank you for continuing to support Greenpeace. Have you fanned our Facebook page yet and received the latest updates on our campaigns? The Internet is modern society’s most effective way to spread information.

And so we will continue to use the Internet to publish news on our campaigns, attract more supporters on Facebook, expand our mobile Internet platform, and keep you and all our supporters up-to-date on our latest news, wherever you are and whatever the time.

Without you we wouldn’t be able to carry on our environmental campaigns. Greenpeace’s Hong Kong and Taiwan Facebook pages now have more than a combined 100,000 supporters. Please carry on telling your friends about our campaigns, our successes and encourage more and more people to become part of Greenpeace. Together we can create a more beautiful future for our next generation.

Thank you.

Digital Fundraising Specialist - Carson Luk (Hong Kong Office)



Communications Officer Renee Chou(Taipei Office)

Whenever the media report on a Greenpeace story, I’m always really curious to see what the readers of news think about it. Everyone is so busy these days; how can we get them to spare a little time to read about environmental problems?

You guessed right, my job is to raise the visibility of environmental issues in the media, to get more people to care and work together to make positive change. Whether it’s a big newspaper or a small broadcaster, if I can get just one more person to care, then we have just that little bit more strength to make change. For me, this is not just a job; it’s a promise I have made to our planet.

I thank every single Greenpeace supporter. Because of you, people like me can use everything we have to find people who care about our planet, to bring our dream and your dreams to life.

Communications Officer - Renee Chou(Taipei Office)



Oceans Campaigner Han Jeonghee (Seoul Office)

한국은 삼면이 바다로 둘러싸여 있음에도 많은 사람들이 바다가 처한 위기에 대해 잘 알지 못합니다. 그린피스는 지난 해 본격적으로 해양캠페인을 시작하여, 참치 남획 및 과학포경에 반대하고 남극해를 해양보존구역으로 지정할 것을 촉구했습니다. 여러분의 도움으로 지속가능성 참치캔 순위 보고서 발표부터 한국 정부가 과학포경 계획을 철회하도록 하는 등 많은 성과를 거둘 수 있었습니다. 우리 아이들을 위해 건강한 바다를 지켜나가도록 더욱 노력할 수 있도록 계속해서 지켜봐 주시기 바랍니다.


Even though South Korea is a peninsula and has one of the world’s biggest long-distance fishing fleets, many people here aren’t aware of the crisis facing our oceans. Our oceans campaign in South Korea highlights many of the ocean’s issues, such as overfishing of tuna, the need for marine reserves in the South Pole, saving the whales and so on. Thank you for your support so that we were able to make success after success from everything to protecting tuna to stopping the South Korean government from restarting a so-called “scientific” whaling hunt. Your support gives us the strength to carry on, helping us to save our oceans for the next generation.

Oceans Campaigner - Han Jeonghee (Seoul Office)

그린피스 동아시아 지부, 서울 사무소, 해양캠페이너



Head of Action & Investigation Unit  Sean Lang  (Beijing Office)

Thank you everybody for all your support for Greenpeace! It’s only because of you that we can investigate all kinds of environmental crime in East Asia; get to the scenes of environmental disasters in time; report back to the public; carry out Greenpeace’s unique campaign actions; and help out in environmental management. As everyone knows, China’s environmental issues are critical, and we have a long way to go before we see any all-round improvement. We need to work in the long-term, with your support, patiently making step-by-step progress achieving our solutions, to make China green again.

Head of Action & Investigation Unit - Sean Lang (Beijing Office)