Report: Clean our Cloud

Standard Page - 2012-04-18

From work collaboration to music and movie digitization, there’s no argument that cloud-computing has revolutionized how we interact and how we are entertained. To meet our exponentially expanding appetite for cloud-based IT, global tech leaders including Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon are understandably expanding cloud capacity at a breakneck pace.

But this speed is coming at a steep environmental expense: Computing is in the cloud, the cloud is driven by data centers, and today, these data centers are overwhelmingly powered by dirty coal-fired plants. Today’s IT leaders can change that coal-powered course. This year’s Greenpeace report, How Clean is Your Cloud? [download full PDF], scrutinizes the energy choices of 14 global IT leaders and illuminates ways they can instead invest in clean, renewable data-center energy options. That means Green IT -- and a data cloud that keeps the air clear.

Download a full PDF version here: How Clean is Your Cloud?