Download NoGeMo iPhone app and learn which brands in China are GM

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Standard Page - 2011-12-12
NoGeMo isn't your ordinary virtual pet. This cute little blue monster is smart too, knowing which food to eat, and which to stay clear of. Genetically modified (GM) foods are a serious issue, and little NoGeMo in your pocket is there to help you and your family work out how to eat well.

NoGeMo iPhone application

NoGeMo knows good food isn't just about feeding a hungry tummy. It's also about maintaining health. NoGeMo can instantly determine which of hundreds of common food brands contain health risks. Eat good food, and NoGeMo will instantly notify you. This free iPhone app (in Chinese) provides on-going training and the longer you feed NoGeMo non-GM food from the green list, the quicker NoGeMo will grow.

NoGeMo is useful for those you who believe health and the health of one's family are of utmost importance. The application includes these exciting features:

  • E-pet: select from six randomly selected food brands and feed your pet. See his reaction when you've chosen a brand that has committed to a no-GM policy;
  • Red and green food list: 10 categories, more than 400 packaged food brands, conveniently broken down into a red or green level of commitment to no-GM;
  • Single supermarket ranking: 20 supermarket chains, rated according to food pesticides, genetic modification controls, product traceability systems, information disclosure and food safety index scores.

Download NoGeMo from the iPhone applications section, and you will not only be protecting your health, you'll also be encouraging ecological agriculture. Help NoGeMo guard your health, and guard the green earth.

* Chinese language only.

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