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KFC is turning rainforest to trash

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Marie Valickova says:

Please stop destroy our planet.I will not eat at KFC.Its not just about tigers,its about all of us

Posted 2012-07-06 at 23:19 Flag abuse Reply

Michelle Wright PuffnStuff says:

Have you lost your minds? I will not eat at KFC until you stop using this type of packaging. Tigers need their homeland. And for you to take that a...

Posted 2012-05-25 at 15:24 Flag abuse Reply

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Rainforest destruction


At last the Colonel’s secret recipe is out of the bucket

The Colonel’s been keeping his chicken fresh with packaging made from rainforests. Despite the impact on Sumatran tigers KFC have been using rainforest packaging made by Asia Pulp and Paper, a company also exposed for using illegal timber. KFC thinks turning the tigers’ home into trash is timber rippin’ good – but rainforest makes revolting packaging.

Read the report: How KFC is Junking the Jungle.

We need thousands of people to join the revolt to change the Colonel’s secret recipe for destruction. Sign up by pledging to spread the word. Then share with your friends and build up the biggest revolt. GET revolting!

Rainforest destruction in Indonesia


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