The main driving force behind our work is the concept captured by the word IDEAL – Investigate (I), Document (D), Expose (E), Act (A) and Lobby (L).   Greenpeace, together with your, works for change through positive.

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IMPACT REPORT 08 / November 2015

There are many inspiring stories in this issue of our supporter’s magazine: there’s everything from saving the Great Barrier Reef from a mega mine to going undercover in seafood shops in Sheung Wan to protect a tiny porpoise in Mexico. Our cover story is this year’s spearhead campaign – the “invisible pollution” lurking at the very ends of the earth, but we also have the latest from our big long-running projects including stopping Shell from trashing the Arctic and getting pulp and paper corporates to leave the Indonesian rainforest alone. Do you know that behind all these stories, all these campaigns, all our successes, there is one person, and that’s you! We are so glad you are with us. Read more

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