[Financial Summary] SEP-DEC 2011

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Ensuring food safetyEnsuring food safety

Launched a "Growing Papaya Together" campaign, aimed at promoting natural papayas and protecting them against GE contamination.

Inspected fresh fruits and vegetables in supermarkets in Mainland China and found many to contain pesticide residues.

Eliminating toxic chemicalsEliminating toxic chemicals

Released Test Reports disclosing the presence of toxic chemicals in toys and children's products sold in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Compiled a map of lead storage battery manufacturers, to help stop cases of blood lead poisoning.

Successfully persuaded six global fashion brands – Puma, Nike, Adidas, H&M, Li-Ning and C&A to release a joint roadmap that will eventually eliminate toxic and harmful substances from their manufacturing processes.

Caring for our ClimateCaring for our Climate

Analyzed the Fukushima nuclear disaster and highlighted Hong Kong’s sadly lacking Daya Bay Contingency Plan.

Decoded Hong Kong's framework for electricity charges to show that the industry’s "accumulated reduction system" could encourage businesses to waste energy.

Launched street forums to call for electricity charge reforms, and collected the signatures of more than 3,400 citizens, calling for a progressive and fairer pricing mechanism.

Saving our forestsSaving our forests

Helped Greenpeace International's rainforest campaign against APP to protect Sumatran tigers in Indonesia.

Successfully lobbied toy manufacturer Hasbro to stop doing business with APP

Released an investigation report, "The Disappearing Rainforests", highlighting the plight of Hainan Island’s rare gibbons from deforestation.

Defending our oceansDefending our oceans

Requested Taiwan legislators to review the budget allocated to the Fisheries Bureau, to help them fight overfishing.

Called on the Taiwan Fisheries Bureau to support the establishment of marine conservation areas at the annual conference of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC).