[Snapshot] Green Snapshot

Short environmental news updates

Facebook gets friendly

Greenpeace and Facebook are collaborating to promote renewable energy. Two years ago, Greenpeace launched a global "Unfriend Coal" campaign, and won the support of 700,000 'netizens', who asked Facebook to quit buying energy from coal-fired power sources and use renewable energies instead. Their voices were heard and Facebook got on board!

Forest award for Greenpeace Brazil

The United Nations has awarded Greenpeace Brazil's Amazon Campaign Director, Paulo Adario, the title of 'Forest Hero'. For more than 20 years, Paulo has made it his mission to protect the Amazon Rainforest, successfully helping push deforestation rates in the Amazon to a new record low in 2010.

Shark snap wins us an award

Congratulations to Greenpeace photographer Paul Hilton for winning third prize in the Nature category at the World Press Photo 2012 awards. !Paul took this powerful picture of a shark being pulled onto a Taiwanese longliner in the Central Pacific Ocean, while he was on board Greenpeace ship, the Esperanza last September.

A big thank you!

Last year we made huge progress in advancing our environmental campaigns and it’s all thanks to you and your generous support. All the staff in our Greenpeace East Asia offices – that’s Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei and Seoul – want to offer you their heartfelt thanks. Let’s work even harder this year to make positive change for our planet.

“Big Miracle”

In 1988, Greenpeace member Cindy Lowry successfully persuaded the USSR and the US, then estranged in the middle of the Cold War, to forget their differences and work together and save grey whales that were trapped under six inches of ice in Alaska. Now this touching story has been made into a movie called 'Big Miracle', and starring Drew Barrymore.

New Rainbow Warrior: Where is she?

New Rainbow Warrior has been busy. In February, she sailed to New York and opened her doors to the city’s residents. We have 24-hour live webcam on board atop the ship’s mast so you can check her out anytime, anywhere.

Sumatran Tigers Toilet Tissue Win

Thanks to the incredible support of people like you, we have persuaded yet another company to cut ties with APP, the paper conglomerate that is razing the rainforests of Indonesia and killing off the Sumatran tiger. American supermarket chain Kroger Kroger has said it will stop selling all APP tissue paper. This is the very best gift for the Sumatran tigers!