Oil-covered Shells in Dalian

Photo | 2012-01-09

In mid-2010 crude oil started pouring into the Yellow Sea off a busy northeastern port after a pipeline exploded, sparking a massive 15-hour fire. The spill causes severe threats to coastal waters, ecosystems and local communities. Greenpeace investigation in Dalian found a dangerous disregard for health and safety in the oil spill's clean-up effort, as well as the nearby seafood farms and beaches. Due to the lack of warning signs, many visitors were still playing with their children in the oil-contaminated water.

Crude oil contains significant quantities of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and other dangerous chemicals that do not readily dissolve in water. Some of these are carcinogens and can persist in the environment. Hydrocarbons can be absorbed by the human body via inhalation, ingestion or through direct contact with skin. Greenpeace strongly urged the government to send professional clean-up staff with safety equipment to work on the oil spill.

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Oil covered shells littered the shores near Dalian. Many of the beaches and rocks along the coast were sticky with a coat of oil.

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