Baby sleeping in a factory in Guangdong

Photo | 2012-02-20

In 2010 Greenpeace found high levels of industrial pollution in two factory towns in Guangdong province, China. Both these towns have economies that center around textile production. Gurao, in Shantou, produces 200 million bras every year and is known as one of China's leading towns for underwear manufacturing. Xintang, in Zengcheng, is devoted to the complete manufacturing process of jeans, from weaving, dyeing and washing to tailoring and packaging. More than 60% of China's jeans are produced in Xintang, which also accounts for 40% of all of China's exported jeans. Greenpeace has documented the severe effect of industrial pollution on the residents of Xintang and Gurao.

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A sleeping infant in a weaving factory in Gurao, Shantou. In Gurao, where the economy is centered around textile production, Greenpeace has found high levels of industrial pollution and has documented the effects on the community.


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