Xu Jianrong looking out of a window

Photo | 2015-06-01

Xu Jianrong from Mashan Village, Liguo Town, has been raising and farming fish in hand-made dyked pools around the edges of Weishan Lake since the 1980s. In 2001 the construction of the South Eastern Steel Plant began. After ten years of development and expansion, the steel plant and Xu Jianrong's fish pools are separated by just one narrow river. The black, yellow and green smoke and the particles emitted by the plant has contaminated both Xu Jianrong's fish pools and his house. “Look!”, he says, “the yellow smoke emitted by the plant floats over to where my fish are. When it arrives, they all swim as far away as possible, or else they will be poisoned by the fumes.” In September 2013 Xu Jianrong was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis. Now there is no one to maintain the fish pools, no one to raise the fish.