Boy collects water

Photo | 2011-12-14

Maidi Village, Jinzhong Town, Huize County, Longyi Tian, 10-year old, is off from school on Qingming Festival. He and his father were hired to irrigate Puqing Tang's field, the payment is 20 yuan per day. After work, he had to go to a waterhole not far away from his home to collect water, since the water here is not clean and only can be used for cattle's drinking and feet washing. Since fall 2009, severe drought hit southern China, causing drinking water shortage in the area. In March and April 2010, Greenpeace donated and helped to set up water pumps powered by solar energy for some villagers in YunNan Province. The drought is another chilling reminder of what climate change has in store for the whole globe unless we revolutionise the way we make and use energy.