Climate Change Yellow River Documentation Tour (China : 2005)

Photo | 2011-12-14

PHOTO COMPARISON TOP PHOTO - 15th June 2005- 38 km from Xiadawu township , Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, CHINA. Glacier collapse on the western side of the Anemaqing mountain. Glacial lake (Glof) formed as result of glacier collapse and melt water.In April 2004, a huge snow avalanche took place about 38 km from Xiadawu township on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. A combination of rising temperatures brought on by climate change and the geological challenge of steep slope gravity has resulted in the glacial tongue of Anemaqing collapsing with such force that it brought down heavy snow and dark moraine making up a large part of the mountain body. The collapse has spread vast quantities of glacial ice and black moraine over 5 km2 of vale and valleys, with worrying consequences. The moraine has created a dam by blocking the valley river and the quickly melting ice which has resulted in, within 14 months, a large glacial lake (Glof) threatening at any time to overflow causing the flooding of pasture land and may be of danger to the Xiadawu township of 100 households in valley below. ©Greenpeace/John Novis BOTTOM PHOTO - April 2006 Taken a few weeks after the collapse of the dam emptying the GLOF to the pasture and farm land below to the valleys, destroying livestock, roads and communications. Fortunately, in this instance no record of lives being lost were reported but extensive damage is evident. ©Greenpeace/Du Jiang Overall credit line: ©Greenpeace/Novis/Du Jiang