Everest Glacier Retreat Documentation (China: 1968 - 2007)

Photo | 2011-12-14

A Greenpeace team make a composite image from the western side of the Middle Rongbuk glacier. The viewpoint is approximately 1 km from the site of the 1968 original photo. The Greenpeace team were unable to reach the 1968 site to make an exact comparison owing to the rapid deterioration and collapse of the mountain side. The degradation of the Everest environment and glacial retreat is, Greenpeace believes, a direct result of climate change. The Rongbuk glaciers are a water source to the major rivers of China and India and put millions at risk if water sources disappear. The Middle Rongbuk glacier has retreated 2 km over the last 40 years. Top Photo: 1968 Middle Rongbuk glacier, Everest, Himalayas, Tibet, China (5800m) ©courtesy of Science Press, China. Bottom photo: 28 April 2007 Middle Rongbuk glacier, Everest, Himalayas, Tibet, China (5800m) ©Greenpeace/John Novis


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