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    Friday round-up highlighting the news and commentary of the week:

    China issues draft on Environmental Tax (China Dialogue)

    China’s State Council released a draft law on Tuesday proposing levying environmental taxes on all forms of pollutan... Read more >

  • How we took bearing witness to new heights...

    Blogpost by Ada Kong - 2015-06-11 at 20:25

    At Greenpeace, we try hard to stay ahead of the curve and keep an eye out for new technologies that will help spread our message. Here in Mainland China, typical Greenpeace large-scale stunts are out of bounds, so we have to think of imaginative ways ...

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  • This is 7 year old Yang Zhiyi. She lives in Jinding Town, Yunnan province. In September 2008, her blood was tested and found to contain elevated levels of lead. And she’s not the only one.

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    Jinding Town is located in one of western China's p...

  • One huge reason to love World Oceans Day

    Blogpost by Rashid Kang - 2015-06-08 at 16:24

    Anyone who has witnessed the majesty of the Great Barrier Reef knows it needs no introduction. Its sublime, other-worldly beauty is as bizarre as it is stunning.  It is the world’s largest living thing, a pulsing structure made up of billions of tiny ... Read more >


    If you had to name one place in the world you think is free from the reach of pollution, where would it be? The Alps? Mount Everest? 

    Some forms of pollution can be seen with the naked eye, but there are other more insidious forms that stay... Read more >

  • Agricultural expansion needs regulating!

    Blogpost by Shuxuan Chen - 2015-05-12 at 17:02

    Sinochem International’s murky rubber plantation deals are threatening a Cameroon UNESCO world heritage site. 

    On the fringes of one of the world's most precious and delicate areas of pristine rainforest, home to an exceptional diversity of plant and... Read more >

  • I remember when I first visited the Hengdong Industrial Zone in early 2014. There was something eerie and deeply unsettling about the lush rice fields sitting adjacent to the openly polluting factories, whose seven giant stacks poured out toxic clouds... Read more >

  • Shanghai 1- Beijing 0. The latest score in a food safety match.

    Blogpost by Wang Jing - 2015-04-09 at 14:06

    As a proud Beijing citizen, I was appalled to learn that neighbourhood markets in the city are selling vegetables which are not only contaminated with chemical pesticides well in excess of Chinese standards, but are even worse affected than those sold... Read more >

  • Clean air doesn't come to those who wait

    Blogpost by Zhang Kai - 2015-01-22 at 16:04

    "One thing that fascinated and shocked me the most was the fact that even on smoggy days, people still lived their lives as usual," said Chinese film director Jia Zhangke last week as the air outside in Beijing was a thick, soupy grey.

    "When the Air ...

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  • It is simple: It is People Power

    Blogpost by Paula Tejón Carbajal - 2014-11-20 at 14:25

    A shift to a cleaner and brighter energy future is not just a matter of technology or economics anymore. It is also a matter of political will. And although our leaders don't seem to get it, people do. The recent boom of renewable energy technologies ...

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