I come from India. We caught a coal shipment as she was leaving after dumping thermal coal at Ennore, and labelled it with save the climate and cut coal messages as it made its way out of the port.

Being an Indian, I see an immense need to tell the producers from the electronic industry to take responsibility and curb the dumping of e waste in developing countries. This illegal import of e waste into countries that are already reeling under the pressure of waste generated within makes matters worse. its important for us as consumers to ask the companies to own up their responsibility.

Alice Yeung

I was Action Campaigner for GP China from 2002-2005, I designed and organized different scale actions including of climbing, boat and HAZMAT actions in Hong Kong and in the Asia Region.

“Do not do to others what you don't want to be done to you.” Being a responsible cooperates and countries, they should develop a take-back policy, not dumping unwanted ewaste to China

Lai Yun

Yes. I join some actions in Hong Kong before like protests to fight for controlling e-waste trade, free trade of e-waste in WTO Ministerial Meeting and the Asian Clean Energy Revolution Tour of Hong Kong in 2005. I want to stop the transportation of e-waste into China, which pollutes our land. I am a spokesperson for mainland media in this action.

Mike Johnson

I come from San Francisco, USA. I have been with Greenpeace since 2001 and believe that we must protect our environment. Many people are exposed to deadly toxins because of e-waste. This must simply end.

Budi Cahyono and Janner Ronaldo

I come from Jakarta, Indonesia. I have many experiences like this action. I want this world free toxic and I will green the word. I like Climbing and I am always being a climber in action.