AOA campaign

Greenpeace Hong Kong launched a sushi guide in Causeway Bay, which is a busy shopping district in the city. Our activists also installed a giant 3D sushi painting with a banner reading "love the ocean, eat sustainably", and handed out the guide to passersby. The guide reveals five types of sashimi enjoyed by the people of Hong Kong, but are likely coming from endangered species or unsustainable fishing. These include tuna, salmon, eel, swordfish and shrimp.

Also in Hong Kong Greenpeace campaigners protested at one of the city's shopping malls. Due to a certain pricing scheme, the malls leave their lights on all night, thereby wasting a lot of energy. Our campaigners took advantage of the Halloween holiday to ask if these lights were being left on for ghostly apparitions.

In Seoul, South Korea, Greenpeace teamed up with singer Lee Seung Hwan. Our campaigners encouraged concert attendees to sign a campaign that seeks to preserve the Southern Ocean against the threat of overfishing and climate change.

The cute but terrified Brother Tuna was spotted around Taipei during a visit by Greenpeace's iconic Esperanza ship. Our Greenpeace campaigner in Taiwan also met with local fisherman. In interview after interview, the fishermen spoke of how few fish there are now, compared to a decade ago – how the fish are smaller and harder to find.