Twitter board

Check out South Korea's awesome twitter board reflecting opposition from the people to the country's nuclear power plants. Despite this Gangwon province has been selected as the site for a new plant.

Our Chinese campaigner Li Shuo recently published an op-ed in the "Daily Economic News" regarding China's solar industry and its heavy reliance on the foreign consumer market. This reliance means Chinese solar enterprises are very vulnerable to fluctuations in overseas markets.

In Taiwan Greenpeace activists talk to local fisherman and discover that after more than a decade of observing the seas, there is great concern that without conservation efforts the fishing industry will be no more.

Taiwanese people love hiking through the mountains, and to do so a waterproof jacket is an essential piece of clothing. But in addition to style and price, consumers should also pay attention to possible toxic chemicals contained in the items.

Over on Greenpeace's Hong Kong website they have a gorgeous photo collage of the Esperanza recent visit. Local residents were excited to board the iconic ship and learn about ocean protection, including reading our guide to eating sushi the green way.