Taiwanese fisherman

This animated video in Chinese follows the tale of a couple of gorgeous orangutans. Their happy lives in the tropical rainforests of Indonesia are quickly threatened due to KFC's fast-food paper packaging. Watch the video and then ask yourself, are you willing to help restore their homes?

In Mainland China there's a long way to go until we have homes free of toxic-chemicals. This year we launched an investigation that included Chinese businessman Zhang Xiangdong and his family. We were invited into their homes to collect dust and test them for toxic plasticising agents that we believe are often found in the harmful substances we bring into our homes.

Greenpeace East Asia's senior toxics campaigner Wu Yixiu writes an evocative blog post about speaking at the United Nations General Assembly. The campaigner's speech covered the increased use of toxic chemicals in production, and highlighted the issue of endocrine-disrupting chemicals entering our waterways.

Our campaigner in Taiwan Gao Yu Fen writes a heartfelt editorial about the Xiaoliuqiu fisherman. She recently spent time to hear their stories of how large ocean fisheries and industrialised overfishing have led to dramatic depletion of fish resources. She calls upon the government to show their concern before its too late.

Over on the Facebook page of our Hong Kong office, a simple but startling graphic of the evolution of man - and its impact on the earth - garnered over 1,000 likes.