China resumes environmental approval of coal-to-gas projects [Reuters]

China has greenlit 3 new coal to gas projects with a total production of 4 billion cubic meters of synthetic natural gas and costing an estimated 456 billion RMB. This signals the end of a year- long suspension on CTG projects which have previously faced questions over their economic viability.

Life and death inside a Chinese 'cancer village' [Marketplace]

High cancer rates in small villages located near certain polluting industries in China are so commonplace that they have been dubbed ‘cancer villages’. Contamination of these villages’ resources have had devastating consequences for their residents and their plight is often either unnoticed or ignored by the local authorities. The local doctor for Liuchong Village describes living there as a ‘death sentence’.

China’s 1-2-3 punch to tackle wasted renewable energy [China Dialogue]

China’s renewables production and installation has skyrocketed in recent years but it’s still suffering from a significant curtailment issue. These are the first steps the government is taking to tackle it.

Too Little, Too Late for Polluted Yangtze River Towns? [Sixth Tone]

Decades of development of polluting industries and damming on sections of the world’s third longest river, the Yangtze, has taken its toll. Now it seems that the damage could be irreversible.

China’s forest cover to reach 23% by 2020 [Xinhua]

China’s ambitions to increase the country’s forest cover to 23% are achievable, if it follows the blueprint for ecological civilization according to UNEP.