Four-fifths of China's water from wells 'unsafe because of pollution' [Guardian]

Over 80% of water in China’s shallow groundwater wells is unfit for human consumption, according to data released by China’s Water Resources Ministry. This is the first time the Ministry has included groundwater quality in its monthly reports, indicating that they are moving towards tackling this issue, but while coordination between the two ministries responsible for China’s air quality remains patchy, this will be a huge challenge. Read more here.

Will China save its last undammed river? [Christan Science Monitor]

A decade-long struggle between environmental activists and a Chinese state-owned hydropower company could be coming to an end, as plans to dam the Nu River in southwest China could be scrapped. This would be welcome news to both environmentalists and the local communities that rely on the river, both in Yunnan Province and South of the Border in Myanmar.

Chinese Demand for Rosewood Has Turned Thailand’s Forests Into Virtual War Zones [Time]

China is now one of the largest importers of timber in the world and the extraordinary demand for the resource is being felt around the world. China came to an agreement week with various southeast asian countries to prioritise the issue, but while China has no binding legislation to ensure clean supply chains, the impact they can have is limited.

China Sets Out Drones To Monitor Pollution [Economic Times]

China is using drones to monitor potential violators of pollution regulations in Hebei Province. The  drones are to be used to supplement human-led on the ground inspections and satellite remote sensing.

Rare mouse-deer sighted in SW China []

Is it a mouse? Is it a deer? No, it’s a mouse-deer, one of China’s most endangered creatures and it made a rare appearance to zoologists in southwest China’s Yunnan Province this week.