Friday roundup highlighting environmental news and commentary of the week 

The $mog economy: Bottled air takes off as a big business in China [Mashable]

Vitality Air, a startup that sells bottled ‘fresh, bottled, Canadian air’ started out as a joke, but soon found itself struggling to keep up with demand from China as people search for newer and more inventive ways to deal with the country’s smog problem.

On China’s Coast, rare bird finds little room to rest [Sixth Tone]

Degradation of China’s coastal wetlands spells out bad news for the tiny spoon-billed sandpiper. The small bird traverses China as part of its 8,000 km winter migration, but the nourishing mudflats that it needs to rest along the journey are rapidly diminishing.

Battle to clean China’s soil an uphill struggle [Shanghai Daily]

Experts say that China’s promised crackdown on soil pollution following a recent high profile scandal will prove more challenging and costly than originally thought.

China gets tougher on environmental violations [FT]

Penalties for environmental violators doubled in 2015, showing China’s more aggressive stance against pollution, but this might not be enough incentive to keep polluting industries in line. 

China’s total wind power generation to triple by 2030 [Renewable Energy Focus]

China’s wind industry is already smashing records, and it’s set to increase to an incredible 495 GW by 2030. However, the world’s top wind power also needs to tackle its significant curtailment issue to avoid serious wastage of its renewably generated power.