News round up featuring the biggest environmental news and commentary of the week

China is winning environmental clean up race according to China [WSJ]

If environmental cleaning up was a race, China would be winning, according to China’s top environmental official, Chen Jining. The claim is based on the fact that China’s environmental turning point came at an earlier stage of development than in western countries that industrialised early. China has been making remarkable progress, but is still heavily reliant on fossil fuels.

Does this smog make me look fat? [Grist]

A new study by scientists in China has discovered a potential link between exposure to smog and obesity.

China’s Goldwind becomes world’s largest wind turbine maker [FT]

Following the news that China surpassed the EU for wind power in 2015, becoming the top country in the world for wind energy capacity, a Chinese company has become the world’s largest wind turbine maker.

China environment film smashes box office records [AFP]

The movie Mermaid, a romantic comedy with a strong underlying environmental message  has become the highest grossing Chinese movie of all time, which some believe indicates an increasing trend of environmental awareness.

Indians Inhaled More Pollution Than Chinese in 2015, Greenpeace India Says [WSJ]

China’s air pollution may be the most infamous, but a Greenpeace investigation has revealed that India (home to the world’s smoggiest cities)is facing a much more serious problem. Find out more here.