In the Gobi, clues to China’s shifting position on climate change [Open Canada]

This article points to China’s changing strategy on managing the rapidly changing Gobi Desert as proof that the country is taking climate change seriously.

Zuckerberg enjoys ‘great’ run in heavily polluted Beijing [Tech in Asia]

A post shared by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg jogging in Beijing without a mask on an extremely polluted day drew attention on Friday.

China wasted 20 percent of wind power generated in 2015 [Reuters]

Approximately a fifth of China’s wind power was wasted last year, as power generation outstripped grid capacity.

China’s environment chief touts ‘clean’ coal tech [SCMP]

Chen Jining, China’s Environmental Minister has been touting cleaner use of coal as a way to fight smog. However, lax supervision and a system rife with loopholes mean that ‘clean’ coal can still turn out to be fairly dirty.

Economic growth 'no longer translates into more greenhouse gas [AFP]

The link between economic growth and environmental destruction is being broken as global greenhouse gas emissions seem to have flatlined, helped along by China’s efforts at fighting air pollution and climate change.