Ashley Chen

Last summer one high school student in Guangzhou heard of Greenpeace's call for volunteers to help protect the Arctic. Ashley Chen was so moved by the plight of Arctic Ocean creatures such as the polar bear, that she signed up to participate. She eventually won a competition that led to her arrival in Hong Kong to board Greenpeace's largest ship, the Esperanza.

She wrote of her experiences on the Greenpeace Hong Kong website:

On the afternoon of the Open Day, I was responsible for the exhibition area where visitors could come for face painting. Adults and children alike, everyone wanted drawings or temporary tattoos of marine animals, in order to express their love of the ocean.

I was so impressed by the warmth and dedication of all the volunteers, and when I saw all the excited kids I also realised that all life on earth is equal, and shouldn't we, as humans, love and respect marine life as well? It's time to end over-fishing!

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