We hope this global summit will boost China’s own green transformation.

At Rio+20, the leaders of the world will discuss routes to global sustainable development and the positions and attitudes of each nation are bound to be under scrutiny. The facts show that the “pollute first, clean up later” approach taken by developed nations is not an option. But many developing nations are desperately seeking rapid development in order to eliminate poverty, meaning the environmental problems caused by economic growth are ignored.

China has developed faster than any other nation over the last 20 years, both in terms of the economy and state power. But at the same time, it has sacrificed the interests of the environment and over-exploited resources.

China is the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases and one of the world’s most polluted countries. If other developing nations adopt China’s methods, the world is lost and sustainable development merely a dream. Regardless of whether or not a solution for these grave problems can be found at Rio, we hope that, at least, the spirit and debate of the summit will encourage China to look again at its own mode of development and act for a genuine green transformation.

This was first published on China Dialogue. Head to the full article to hear five figures from China’s sustainable development field tell chinadialogue what they hope for from this week’s Earth Summit.