Janet Hsieh

I am a selfish person. I like nice, beautiful things and places. And I want to visit them in my lifetime. I know we're supposed to take care of our environment for our children and our children's children and all that, but I don't think that's very fair. Is it too much to ask for a nice world for myself, now?

In all seriousness, our Earth is crying right now. And normally, when someone cries, my instinct is to give him or her a hug. The equivalent of an eco-Earth hug would be to start with awareness. Knowing what's going on, not just in our own neighborhood, but around the whole world. Yes, even in places like the North Pole. We are all linked, all connected, all united. And our Mother Earth right now is crying and needs a big big hug from all of us.

I hope you join me in my efforts to be selfish. Let's start saving our Earth for ourselves. In the process, we'll end up saving the world for all of us, present and future.