Beijing air pollution

Air pollution in Beijing recently has been absolutely shocking, as the above photo can attest. At too many points in the day levels have been exceeding the testing limits of the US Embassy readings (as seen at their Twitter). When levels go above 500 they are ominously listed as "Beyond Index." Safe to say it's not a good time to be sightseeing in the city - unless you're a fan of grey, washed out photos of blurry shapes that may or may not be the Forbidden City.

Nor has biking to work everyday been very fun. I snapped this earlier in the morning:

Air pollution in Beijing

Lucky for you today Greenpeace came out with a neat-o infographic that explains everything you need to know about small particulate air pollution in China, and most importantly how to protect yourself from it. I've included a small excerpt on what kind of mask you should wear, and how to wear it, but head here to see the whole thing.

Masks for air pollution

Learn more about the air pollution issue in China.