Pesticide spraying

Image © Greenpeace / Alex Hofford

As the saying goes, we are what we eat. Which is why we have to be super mindful about what we're putting in our bodies, if we want to stay healthy. But how can we rest assured about food quality and safety? Especially when China is the country with the largest pesticide output and the highest level of pesticide use.

Here are four tips to help you avoid pesticides in your fruit and veg:

1. Eat seasonally. Choose fruits and vegetables from the correct season. They'll probably be fresh and taste delicious. Fruits and vegetables of the wrong season are more likely to be the result of accelerated growth driven by pesticides and fertilizers.

2. Learn about the ways different vegetables are grown. Vegetables planted in water, such as watercress, are less likely to involve pesticide use. 

3. Eat organic. Chemical pesticides and fertilizers are not used in organic farming, which is beneficial to both the environment and human health. By buying organic fruits and vegetables directly from organic farmers, you'll be able to know more about their production process.

4. Try cleaning. Immersing fruits and vegetables in water for 15 to 30 minutes can wash away part of the water-soluble pesticides. However, this process is also likely to destroy some of the fruit's nutritional value.

But a word of warning from our campaigner Kate Lin:

"Immersion cleaning can only remove some pesticide residues, and the water-soluble pesticides that has permeated into the internal structure of the plant cannot be removed; therefore, the best way to prevent chemical pesticides from appearing on dining tables is to choose and buy organic fruits and vegetables."

Supporting organic and eco-agricultural farming is the only way forward for China's agricultural future. Spread the word by sharing this post, or our infographic below (click to enlarge). Image (cc) Martin Kimeldorf.

Avoid pesticides