Esperanza in Taiwan

As the anti-nuclear movement in Japan continues to swell in popularity following last year's Fukushima nuclear accident, across the waters we're pushing for Japan's neighbour to go the same direction.

On Monday Greenpeace man at the top Dr. Kumi Naidoo, along with Greenpeace East Asia's Dr. Mario Damato and other representatives from Greenpeace East Asia, will be heading to South Korea in order to encourage the country to reconsider its misguided nuclear expansion.

Kumi will be meeting with government officials, leaders of political party and civil society leaders to update on Greenpeace's nuclear campaign globally and to exchange views on Korea's energy policy. And hopefully, in the process, convince South Korea to leave behind their dangerous days of nuclear and instead walk the road to a clean energy future.

The visit coincides with another iconic Greenpeace visitor, the ship Esperanza which will tour the area. You'll be able to follow the Esperanza 24/7 from the ship's live webcamHere's a look at some of the Esperanza's best moments from around the globe: