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Standard Page - 2012-10-13
Thank you for recently signing up as a monthly Greenpeace donor with one of our street fundraisers. Thanks to you, Greenpeace's campaigns to save this earth will continue, changing Hong Kong and other parts of the planet for the better.
Your Support Brings Positive Change!
Dear supporter
First, I'd like to say a truly heartfelt thank you for supporting Greenpeace and deciding to take action to protect our fragile planet. I'm sure you're keen to find out how we're using your generous donation to make our world safer and greener and so we've especially prepared for you a Greenpeace Welcome Pack. Check your mail if you haven't seen it yet!
Inside you'll find the amazing story of Greenpeace and our 40 years of campaigning for the environment. It also includes some of our more recent lobbying work in Hong Kong and East Asia which has become such a vital region for the Greenpeace team. On the cover you'll see a photo of the Rainbow Warrior, Greenpeace’s iconic ship. Safe to say we're pretty proud of the Rainbow Warrior – a ship that embodies everything that is great about the organization, a symbol of peace and positive change.
And as one of the biggest international environmental organizations today, we can push for global movements when it comes to mammoth campaigns like climate change – an issue that knows no national boundaries. That said, Greenpeace East Asia also continues to fight for local campaigns here in Hong Kong. After all, what happens here also affects the future of our planet.
With Greenpeace International putting a spotlight on environmental work in East Asia and ramping up combating climate change, it remains to be said that we will also continue the powerful work you've already seen us carry out in water pollution, protecting our forests, defending our oceans and ensuring our food safety.
Your support and the support of more and more monthly donors just like you - people who truly and passionately care about the environment - has meant we're more effective than ever. Particularly in our newest campaigns: a three-year action plan for defending our oceans, preventing pollution in Taiwan, and ending the misuse of pesticides in the Pearl River Delta region.
Thank you once again for your valuable support. Rest assured we're going to continue to share with you new developments across all our campaign fronts as they happen. If you have anything you’d like to tell us about our Welcome Pack, please call us on (852) 2854 8318 or drop us an email on .
With kindest regards,
Cristina San Vicente
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