China's coal industry is sucking the Ordos Grasslands dry!

Standard Page - 2013-08-02
Greenpeace reveals how the world's largest coal producer by volume, the state-owned Chinese coal company Shenhua, is overexploiting groundwater and illegally dumping toxic industrial wastewater.
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China's coal industry is sucking the Ordos Grasslands dry!
Annual Report 2012
The local community, in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, struggles to cope with the loss of water. In the past the wells would gush water and shoot up as high as two meters. But since 2006 when the Shenhua Corporation began extracting groundwater for their coal-to-liquid project, these wells began to dry up and the once lush grasslands turned to desert.
While the story is making headlines around the world, it is censored in Mainland China. But Chinese citizens broke the silence on social media. That's people power at work!
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The perfect gift for parents everywhere
The perfect gift for parents everywhere
Fantastic piece of news for parents from Beijing to the Buckingham Palace! The world's largest toy producing country, China, applies severe restrictions on the use of the hazardous plastic softeners "phthalates", in children's toys.
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