Chinese herbs: Healing or Harming?

Standard Page - 2013-06-24
We trust medicines to makes us healthy again and not hurt us. And that's especially true of natural remedies like Chinese medicine. But the pesticide problem in China has become so serious that even herbal treatments are now soaked in a cocktail of pesticides, as our latest Greenpeace investigation shows:
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Chinese herbs: Healing or Harming?
We bought 65 different kinds of popular Chinese medicine products in Hong Kong and several other cities on the mainland and tested them for pesticide residues. As much as 74% showed up positive for pesticides.
We found 6 pesticides that are banned in China, 5 of them for more than 10 years!
Many of them had a cocktail of pesticide residues, including as many as 39 different kinds.
Residue levels in many cases surpassed EU safe limits. The most serious case was 500 times.
As you can see from our report, we're not just exposing this problem; we're also making solid suggestions on how to solve it.
We are demanding that Chinese medicine companies disclose the chemicals used on their products and then publish a clear plan to reduce pesticide use with clear timelines.
We are also asking the government to improve their supervision of pesticide use and make concrete plans to cut down significantly on chemical agriculture and support clean and safe ecological farming.
We couldn't do any of this – test medicines, push companies and advise the government – without your support. Please help us by making a donation today. With your generous gift we can work together to make our medicines safe again for our families.
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