Hong Kong fails on climate change

Feature Story - 2009-07-08
We have bad news. We appealed to Hong Kong chief executive Donald Tsang to get serious on climate change, but once again the government has let us all down.

Greenpeace activists and legislators Audrey Eu and Li Wing Tat unfurl a banner calling Chief Executive Donald Tsang a 'Climate Fugitive, Stop Hiding'.

Greenpeace asked the chief executive to do two things: announce a climate change policy and to promise to go to crucial United Nations climate talks in Copenhagen in December.

We asked him to make a positive statement on these two actions on July 7 when he attended the Legislative Council's Question and Answer Session.

But he did neither.

We collected a petition with more than 2,000 signatures from the Hong Kong public and also rallied 23 legislators to get behind our demands and sign a joint declaration.

Still our chief executive has done nothing and said nothing positive on climate change action.

Thank you to everyone who signed our petition.

We will continue to put pressure on the government.

Because stopping climate change should be at the top of every government's agenda.

It's our future after all.