A love letter to Copenhagen

Feature Story - 2009-12-10
While the politics heats up on the third day of the Copenhagen climate change summit, Greenpeace China's Tom Wang receives a love letter.

Tom Wang - Chief Media Officer

In a rare move, Chinese negotiators lashed out at developed nations for not making the commitments to stop climate change and demanding developing nations do more than they should or could.

Meanwhile, the US is insisiting the developing world also make binding commitments.

While the rift between the developed world and emerging nations deepened on the third day of climate change talks in Denmark, Tom Wang -- who is there in Copenhagen to talk to media for Greenpeace China --  gets a letter as part of the Love Letters to the Future project.

Love Letters is inviting the public to send messages to future generations.

The 100 most popular messages will be sealed in a time capsule in Copenhagen and reopened 100 years later.

So let's ignore all the politcal manoeuvring just for one day and take a look at Tom's letter.

A love letter to Copenhagen


Did you know that I was there, in Copenhagen, with you, all day today?

Could you see me, when you looked at the sky, trying to peer through the clouds in hope of observing the goings on?

Could you feel me, in the sounds echoing from building walls, and in the vibrations generated when your feet met the ground, trying to listen to the whispers of thousands of minds?

Could you sense me, with my eyes closed, trying to tune in to the hearts of all gathered there?

Did you notice my awareness, spread over the city like a blanket?

Did you notice my openness, stretched around the country like an embrace?

As I tried to understand, did you notice my presence?

Could you see me?

Could you feel me?

Could you sense me?

Did you know that I was there, in Copenhagen, with you, all day today