Donald Tsang: Climate Fugitive

Feature Story - 2009-06-24
Hong Kong police arrested four Greenpeace activists yesterday for unfurling a banner calling Hong Kong chief executive Donald Tsang a climate fugitive.

Greenpeace activists unfurl a banner calling on Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang to get serious about the climate.

At midday our team slipped into the west wing of Government Headquarters in Central and unrolled a huge yellow banner which stretched for seven stories and called on Tsang to get serious about the climate.

Greenpeace believes Hong Kong should urgently draw up a comprehensive climate change policy.

After a couple of hours, police arrested our three climbers and Hong Kong campaign manager Edward Chan for "causing a nuisance in a public place."

Five hours later, the four were released from detention. We will find out today if they face charges.

Donald Tsang: climate fugitive

One of our Greenpeace workers who was at the scene had this to say:

"It was a hot noon, the street was dusty and busy as normal. When I saw the banner a big 'wow' sparked in my mind, especially when I saw Donald Tsang's head."

Here are some more images from the action:

The cost of climate change

Climate change will hurt Hong Kong where it hurts -- economically.

We have shown in a recent report how climate change will cause more freak weather such as last year's record-breaking black rainstorm.

We want Tsang and his government to take immediate action on curbing Hong Kong's greenhouse gas emissions and for the chief executive to show he is commited to stopping climate change by personally attending the UN Copenhagen climate conference in December.