Balls to climate change!

Feature Story - 2009-09-23
Are you worried about climate change? Well, if you’re very very rich there is an answer. The SurvivaBall.

SurvivaBalls: Don't laugh, they may save your skin if we do nothing about climate change

Three of these squishy life machines bounced up the green carpet for the world premiere of Age of Stupid in New York on Monday night.

Age of Stupid is an eco-documentary on the perils of climate change.

We hear that former Russian President Vladimir Putin has already put in an order for two.

One of the Survivaballs was heard to say: "Look! I can dance in my ball!" while moving oddly on the carpet.

Proof that life doesn't have to be dull inside a Survivaball.

Each soft pod can take one person so it will be very lonely but at least you will be protected from the devastating effects of climate change.

What are these devastating effects?

If climate change is not stopped scientists say we can expect more killer droughts, floods, storms and diseases. We will have major food and water shortages which may cause mass migration and even wars.

China is already beginning to see the effects with droughts in the north, rainstorms in the south and the melting of glaciers in Tibet and Qinghai.

The SurvivaBall has six stubby arms, two fat legs and a space to put your head.

It is "nothing less that a self-contained living system - truly a gated community for one. If you have a SurvivaBall, even if everyone else is dying, at least you can weather all storms."

We know it is very very expensive. So you should start saving today! We hear that former Russian President Vladimir Putin has already put in an order for two.


The SurvivaBall is brought to you by the Yes Men, who use comedy to bring about climate change awareness.

Of course, the only way to protect ourselves from climate change is to stop it happening.

Tell your government

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