Join Hands: No Nuclear Expansion for Hong Kong Rally

Feature Story - 2011-04-13
For the sake of our homes and our children, we are organizing a rally in Hong Kong to demand that the SAR government to immediately stop the expansion of nuclear power. Join us to tell the government that we don't want a radioactive future in Hong Kong!

No Nuclear Hong Kong

Date: April 24, 2011 (Sunday)

Time: 3pm

Venue: Charter Garden, Central

Activity: March to the Central Government Office, and tie a yellow ribbon there to request that the government drop their nuclear expansion plan

Do you want our homes to be threatened by radioactivity?

The Fukushima disaster shows that when an accident occurs in a nuclear power station, it results in serious repercussions for public safety and the economy.  A large number of people are forced to leave their homes, and their health may suffer from the long-term effects of radiation.  In addition, the global food-chain will be affected as well.

According to the 1987 "Daya Bay Emergency Plan," in the scenario of a leak at the Daya Bay nuclear plant, the resulting radioactivity would spread to an area of over 50km in radius within just three hours. The whole of Kowloon and Eastern New Territories would be exposed, affecting over 2.6 million people.

Would you like to find alternatives to expanding Hong Kong's nuclear power?

Building a nuclear power plant costs several billions of Hong Kong dollars.  If the same sum of money were invested in energy-saving technologies, it would effectively reduce Hong Kong's electricity demands.

On the other hand, investing in nuclear power would only hinder energy conservation and go against sustainable development, as well as bring nuclear threats to the province of Guangdong, which is terribly unfair.

Furthermore, wind-power generation on the mainland is increasing several times each year.  Coupled with energy-saving and energy-efficiency measures, renewable energy can provide sufficient long-term electricity for Hong Kong.

Do you wish to pay for the bottomless cost of nuclear power?

In the consultation document "Climate Change Strategy and Action Agenda," the HK SAR Government unreasonably projected Hong Kong's electricity demands in 2020 to increase by at least 30% from 2010 levels - far greater than the growth rate of the past 10 years.

What are the reasons for the HK SAR government's desire to increase the use of nuclear power?  Is it to turn Hong Kong into a gigantic electricity gobbler, and to give electricity companies the chance to further increase their asset investments?

Given that the current development cost does not take into consideration the possible shortage of uranium, the increase in insurance premiums, and the costs for nuclear waste disposal and the dismantlement of retired nuclear plants, the price tag for nuclear power development will undoubtedly keep rising. It will definitely be a bottomless hole - so don't let it swallow up our future!