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Standard Page - 2008-06-30

(1)Beijing BoLongBao Winery Co.,Ltd.

Add:Room 7101, Mingshi Garden, No.77 Fucheng Road, Haidian District


Origin of Products: Domestic, local organic farm

Tel:010-88139609(offering home-delivery service)

Online Shopping:www.blbwine.com

(2)Beijing Beyond Technologies Co., Ltd.

Add:5B16 Huajie Building, No.13 Dazhongsi, Haidian District, Beijing

Product categories: vegetable and fruit, grain and oil, meat, wine, organic tea and nutrition

Origin of Products: import, domestic and local organic farm

Tel:010-62117726/62110226(offering home-delivery service )

Online Shopping:http://www.ofood.cn

(3)Beijing Zhenggu Food Co.,Ltd.

Add:10B, #36 C, Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Product categories: Fruits and vegetables, as well as rice, organic grain, milk and eggs

Origin of Products: Fruits,vegetables, grain and eggs are from local organic farm.Milk is from Austrilia.

Tel:010-64608999 / 400 650 1001(offering home-delivery service)

Online Shopping:http://www.organicandbeyond.com/

(4)Beijing Green Yard Ecological Agriculture Development Co. Ltd.

Add:Kangzhuang Town, Yanqing District, Beijing

Product Categories: Organic milk and yoghourt

Origin of Products: local organic farm

Tel:800-810-9903/65065855 (offering home-delivery service)

Online Shopping:www.greenyard.cn

(5)Beijing Organic Farm Development Co.,Ltd.

Add:Room 408,Ping'an Develop Mansion, No. 68 Dongsishitiao Street, Dongcheng District,Beijing

Product Categories: Fruits and vegetables, grain, meat, cosmetics.

Origin of Products: local organic farm


Online Shopping:www.organicfarm.com.cn

(6)Beijing HAOSOME Food Co.,Ltd.

Add:Room 304 of Dawang Building, NO. 12 of west Dawang Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing

Product Categories: fruit and vegetable, grain, meat, condiment, drink, wine, nurture ,and etc.

Origin of Products: import foods; domestic; local organic farm

Tel:4007001418 (offering home-delivery service)

Online Shopping:www.haosome.com

(7)Joyful Organic (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.

Add:Room 411,B Building, Jin Yun Tower,NO.43 North Xizhimen Street,Haidian District,Beijing(100044)

Product Categories: condiments

Origin of Products: domestic

Tel:010-6229-6800 (offering home-delivery service when the bill is over 1000yuan)

Online Shopping:www.joyfulorganic.com

(8)Beijing Well Full Food Co.,Ltd.

Add:Room 1203, Bldg D Roman Garden, No. 18 Huixin west Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Product Categories: grain,meet, condiments,drink, nurture

Percentage of Organic Products:98%

Tel:010-64918887 (offering home-delivery service)

Online Shopping:www.worldfood.net.cn

(9)Beijing Guanjingweiye Commercial and Trading CO.,Ltd.

Add:Gaoli Village, Daxing District, Beijing

Product Categories: organic dried fungus



(10)Beijing Baifu Interaction Technology Co.,Ltd.

Add:#10 Chedaogou, Haidian District, Beijing


Online Shopping: www.800food.cn

Baifu Company provides door to door services. They sell several hundred kinds of organic food such as vegetables, rice, cooking oil, eggs, coarse grains, honey, wine, mountain delicacies and health products.

(11)Heilongjiang Beidahuang Agriculture Corporation 854 Branch Beijing


Product Categories: organic grain, acanthopanax senticosus and agaric

Certifier:EU., Japan,America, OFDC-CHINA

Contact:Zhang Jianhua


The products above are available in Beijing Lohaocity supermarket, Beijing Organic Life Experience Center and the store at 2nd. Floor,Sanli mansion, Andingmennei. Home-delivery service is available for a fee.

(12)Lvdian Colored Cotton

Lvdian organic natural colored cotton products include clothing for men, women, children and baby, as well as home textiles. They are available in Friendship Store, Di'anmen Shopping Mall, Blue Island, XiDan Department Store, New China Children's Store, Urban and Rural Huamao center, Fuxing trade center.